Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are struggling to globalize their businesses, while also streamlining their operations and controlling costs. Disparate, disconnected legacy systems magnify this challenge. At info software development, we use our industry and technical experience to help automakers gain operating efficiencies across the vehicle value chain, from materials procurement and production to warranty management and the aftermarket. We have helped leading automakers increase their operating efficiencies, reduce IT complexity, and streamline their data access and reporting.

For automotive OEMs, globalization has created an urgent need for a "world view" of data so that executives can collect and analyze data efficiently and make informed, decisions quickly. In order to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, many companies now need to harmonize and rationalize their isolated instances and single modules of SAP, and other major applications. While other organizations must reduce their reliance on large, cumbersome legacy data systems.

Aftermarket warranty claims and vehicle recalls are another major cost consideration for automobile and truck makers and their tier-one suppliers. These costs, which run to the billions of dollars every year, can be reduced through more effective management combined with a robust quality information system