info software development technology and industry expertise helps leading telecommunications providers address today's complex industry challenges - and succeed.
By applying our analytic and decision management solutions across their organizations, and across the customer lifecycle, our telecom clients achieve greater operational performance, drive higher top-line growth, and effectively differentiate themselves from competitors.

We help you improve profitability in a number of ways:

  • Automate and improve complex decisions
  • Acquire and retain good customers
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Reduce fraud and bad debt
  • Optimize network performance
  • Minimize revenue leakage
  • Increase retention and loyalty
  • Improve collections performance

Our clients work around, and through, common obstacles such as increasing convergence, competition, and customer choices and expectations. How? With a combination of technical know-how and deep telecoms industry consulting expertise that ensures results are delivered

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  • Account Management
  • Collections & Recovery
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Fraud & Revenue Assurance
  • Network Assurance

Account Management:
Significantly advancing telecom business practies-and profit

We've found that sometimes providers are so preoccupied with winning new business that they overlook opportunities to manage the margins of their existing accounts. What if you could improve your bad debt write-offs, even by a few basis points, or analyze risk across the entire customer portfolio? Or, deploy strategies at the point of charge-off to meet cash flow or other objects? info software development analytics can help you identify and deploy new account management strategies that enhance your bottom line.

info software development can help you proactively manage your subscriber base so you can control the accelerating delinquency rates and bad debt that are common in the industry. At the same time, we help providers direct the right marketing messages to the right subscribers. That way you can grow your customer relationships and bring in new sources of revenue.

Customer Acquisition:
Significantly advancing telecom business practices-and profit

With our adaptive Customer Relationship Management techniques, info software development makes it easy for you to increase professionalization and improve the accuracy of targeted offers and customer treatments. Bottom line - with adaptive CRM we've made it easier for you to acquire and keep the customers you want.

Our CRM techniques give you more precision, consistency and agility when you're interacting with customers. Whether in a campaign, or just during a conversation with a customer, your marketers can rely on adaptive CRM to:

  • Efficiently analyze results and refine strategies
  • Achieve continuously improved customer retention and higher ARPU
  • Lower cost and risk

Used in conjunction with campaign management applications, adaptive CRM brings you greater business value by empowering you to adapt more quickly to individual customer needs, market changes and operational environments. Instead of replacing existing systems, you can extend their life by layering and coupling new capabilities onto them. At the same time, you can use these adaptive technologies and methods to rapidly build new applications that interoperate with legacy systems.

Many telecom providers leverage our consulting services and software solutions to target actions to customers based on their behavior, risk profile and potential value. This enables them to automate marketing strategies while at the same time bring precision, consistency and agility to their marketing initiatives. Learn how you can.


  • Perform highly granular and accurate segmentation to the level of the individual customer for the assignment of precisely targeted strategies and treatments
  • Predict customer behavior with specificity
  • Leverage customer information and transaction histories to develop deep customer insights


  • Apply strategies for managing customer relationships consistently across events, including campaigns
  • Apply strategies across multiple CRM systems, campaign management systems and other customer-facing applications


  • Predict customer behavioral changes early enough to be able to proactively influence it
  • Refine strategies during campaigns based on initial results
  • Adapt offers and treatments during interactions with customers based on their reactions

Network Assurance:
Significantly advancing telecom business practies-and profit

Two industry forces have created a renewed imperative to ensure network reliability, safety, and profitability: The rapid pace of industry change, and new challenges in the market environment

Despite ongoing and historically effective methods of ensuring network integrity, problems such as network failure, congestion, intrusion, abuse, and quality issues are on the rise. info software development is addressing those challenges

The most advanced telecommunications providers are engaging info software development to leverage advanced, predictive analytics as an innovative way to improve detection of network anomalies and resolve them before they affect their network, their customers and their brand.

Our Network Assurance solution, with advanced analytic capabilities, is the first solution that enables providers to predict network-related revenue leakage before it occurs as well as detect existing network anomalies in real time before these anomalies can directly impact your bottom line

With this kind of predictability you can:

  • Achieve Capital and Expense Savings - Manage and minimize CAPEX and OPEX spending by reducing network spending and lessen the need to add new capacity as a result of unnecessary network congestion
  • Manage Network Integrity - Improve the performance of your network by reducing network outages and capacity problems while maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Minimize Revenue Leakage - Reduce operational costs by identifying trouble spots before they turn into maintenance problems, improve detection with fewer resources, and achieve greater accuracy by focusing on identifying the right anomalies to investigate.